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Certificate of Appreciation
Presented to Trophy Georgia Hunts, Gary Smith
July 2012

The 4th Joint Support Element gratefully acknowledges you for outstanding contributions to the United States Army. We appreciate your support of soldiers fighting a Global War on Terrorism and are proud to recognize your personal sacrifices in preserving the freedom and security of the nation. Your dedication to our nation's Wounded Warrior Project, disabled, as well as active and reserve components helps bring hope and healing to our heroes as they return from Iraq, Afghanistan and other troubled places around the globe.

Wounded Warrior Project

In deep appreciation, we recognize your commitment to the principles of American Freedom and to helping change lives of our nation’s defenders.

Harold D. Weston
Command Sergeant Major

Randy K. Riedy

Email from Art
October 4, 2010

Dear Gary,

For my first paid hunt I couldn't have picked a better place! Thank you Gary and Mel. The hunt was fun, the food was great and the guides were even better.
Trophy Georgia Hunts has given me a memory I will never forget.

P.S. I will be back, you have a client for life here!

Art Medecky

April 3, 2009

Dear Chuck and Gary,

Thank you so much for your warm hospitality, The hunting and fellowship could not have been better. It was extremely generous of you to allow Ryan and me access to such a beautiful tract of land. You guys certainly have the turkeys and other wildlife.

Again, thank everyone for a memorable experience.


Email from Frank
December 19, 2007


I want to thank you for making this an incredible hunting season. I've really enjoyed hunting with you in South Georgia. I've brought several friends and relatives up to hunt with you, and everyone has seen or shot deer, had a great time, and all want to come back. I always feel like there is the opportunity to see an incredible buck at any time. The most important thing is how you treat your hunters. You remember that it is supposed to be fun. All of your stands are well marked and easy to find, and in great locations. I'll definitely be back.

December 2006

Woods n Water, July 2008 - Page 91
written by Frank Richardson
hunter/customer of Trophy Georgia Hunts

"THERE'S A DEER!!!", my thirteen year old son, Frank, said as quietly as he could, in a very excited voice. He startled me with his excitement. It was a cool November morning in Southwest Georgia. We were hunting with Gary Smith, of Trophy Georgia Outfitters. Our general gun season in Northwest Florida had not yet opened, so I brought Frank up to hunt in Georgia. We were hunting a stand known as the "Buddy stand". I knew it was a proven stand. In 2006, my cousin, Don, shot a great buck from this stand. His buck had been chasing three does. This was my second year hunting with Gary. It's unusual not to see deer from any of his stands. ...Read the Full Article...